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Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue

  • Regia:Giacomo Campiotti
  • Cast:Filippo Scicchitano, Aurora Ruffino, Gaia Weiss, Romolo Guerreri, Luca Argentero
  • Sceneggiatura:Fabio Bonifacci e Alessandro D'Avenia
  • Produzione:Lux Vide with Rai Cinema
  • Genere:Comedy
  • Durata:102'
  • Data di uscita:26 settembre 2013 (vendita/sell)
  • Distribuzione:01 Distribution


Sixteen-year-old oddball Leo's world is red and white. He never combs his hair, plays five-a-side football and likes loud music .... because it stops him from thinking. He hates homework and doesn't bother with it because he can always copy from his friends. He likes school, but only in the afternoon, when it's teacher-free. White means emptiness, silence, boredom, it's frightening. To be avoided. Red is the colour of the blood pulsing through the veins before a match, it's the colour of Beatrice's hair, the girl of his dreams. The girl he's chasing. He would do practically anything for her because he's in love, wildly in love. Even though she doesn't know it yet. When he finally plucks up the courage to approach her, he discovers that she's suffering great pain. Her suffering helps Leo grow up and get a grip, with the support of his parents, his school mates and a very “special” teacher. Then there's Silvia, his best mate, the loyal confidant of his secrets…

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